Caribbean coastline

Green wilderness and an azure blue sea

The environment on the Caribbean coast of Colombia is breath-taking and will undoubtedly leave an unforgettable impression on you. On one side there is a green wilderness with the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada in the background and on the other side you overlook a white coastline that flows into the bright blue Caribbean Sea.

Santa Marta, gateway to Tayrona National Park

The Spanish chose Santa Marta as their first colonial settlement. Not surprising, because it's beautiful here! Santa Marta is the oldest city of Colombia and is also called the 'New World' because of its port. The city was founded on July 29, 1525 by the Spanish conqueror Rodrigo de Bastidas . The rich culture and history make this city and its region special. Santa Marta has the 'Hacienda Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino' museum. On this Hacienda, Simon Bolivar, the great liberator 'Gran Libertador' of several South American countries, spent the last years of his life. He died on December 17, 1830. In the museum you can get a lot of background information about Simon Bolivar and the period in which he lived. In addition, Santa Marta is the gateway to the Tayrona National Park and its beautiful nature.

Approximately 34 kilometres away from the city of Santa Marta lies the Tayrona National Park. This park has an enormous diversity of flora and fauna, because it consists of two ecosystems; between the mountains and the sea. Special wildlife such as; the black howler monkey, Titi monkeys, red woodpeckers, iguanas, jaguars (rarely seen when they hunt at night), a variety of lizards and tropical marine life. Including more than 400 species of birds, such as eagles, condors and parrots. The flora is characterized by tropical dry forest to coral reefs.

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