The Andes Mountains

In the mountains and beyond volcanoes

The Andes Mountains run from north to south right through Ecuador. Here you can enjoy beautiful mountainous landscapes, lakes and views of majestic volcanoes. Go mountain biking, horseback riding or hiking. In the evening you can spend the night in a traditional hacienda.

The spine of Ecuador

The Andes Mountains run right through Ecuador. The Pan Americana highway, which runs straight through it from north to south, is also called the 'Avenue of volcanoes' because you pass impressive volcanoes on the left and right, such as the Cotopaxi, the Chimborazo and the Tungurahua. Places in this area that are definitely worth visiting include Cotopaxi and Otovalo.


The Cotopaxi volcano is located in the Cotopaxi National Park. With a height of 5,897 meters, the Cotopaxi is the second highest mountain in Ecuador. The snowy peak, the almost symmetrical geometry and the gigantic sizes make Cotopaxi an impressive volcano. This volcano is also honoured by the local Andes people as a sacred mountain and as a 'rain bringer'. In the valley around the volcano you will find many small mountain villages where vegetables, fruits and flowers are grown. The women travel to the nearest big city to sell their products at the market.


Otavalo is located in the north of Ecuador about a 90-minute drive from the capital Quito. Otavalo is located at an altitude of about 2,500 meters and owes its name to the 'Otavalieno' community. This indigenous community has managed to preserve its own culture and identity by adapting it to the present time. They have modernized the textile industry and this has brought prosperity for the community in return. The community, due to a better financial position, was eventually able to buy back much of the original land from landowners. You can experience some things of these bygone ages, with the comfort of today, during a stay in this region in a beautiful authentic hacienda. Some activities on and/or near the hacienda are; hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

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