A paradise of biodiversity

The Amazon stretches from the eastern side of the Andes and covers half of the Peruvian territory. The area contains a network of numerous rivers, of which the Amazon is the most famous; the longest river in the world. The Amazon basin is known for its unique diversity of flora and fauna. Scientists are still discovering new plant and animal species here.

The Peruvian Amazon

Roughly speaking, you can visit the Amazon in Peru via two different places.

Iquitos Pacaya Samiria reserve
The most special has to be a visit to the Pacaya Samiria reserve. This reserve is located deep in the Amazon, on the upper part of the Amazon basin. The Pacaya Samiria reserve can only be reached by water and is therefore, one of the better preserved areas. The flora and fauna here is impressive! During your stay here you can see manatees, pink dolphins, various monkeys, a variety of birds, mammals and fish. 

Madre de Dios
A paradise of biodiversity! Madre de Dios is a unique rainforest with highlights such as Lake Sandoval, Lake Valencia, the Manu national park, the Tambopata national reserve and the Bahuaja-Sonene national park; the only tropical savannah ecosystem in Peru. The Madre de Dios is also home to several endangered species, such as the Maned wolf and the fairly large South American marshland deer. In a river bed in the Manu national park, you will find a unique clay wall from South America’s largest land animal: the 250-kilo tapir.

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