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No less than 85% of Suriname consists of tropical rainforest belonging to the Amazon basin. Because there are hardly any roads in the country, this rainforest is for the most part untouched and that is unique. The Surinamese coast consists of mangrove, where many bird species live. 

The Amazon from Suriname

When we talk about the Amazon in Suriname, or as the Surinamese themselves say 'the woods', we are actually talking about the district of Sipaliwini. This district covers no less than 80% of Suriname, with only 30,000 inhabitants. The Amazon of Suriname can be divided into inhabited and (almost) uninhabited rainforest. Most communities living in this area, mainly live around the Upper Suriname River. They are called Maroons or Saramakaners. The Maroons are descendants of runaway slaves. They live in villages close to so-called 'sulas', rapids in the river. In these villages the traditions of their ancestors apply, brought from the inland of West Africa. In this part of the Amazon, there is significantly less wildlife to spot, because the people from the villages hunt the animals. The cultural aspects here are special and very inviting, though.

The real pristine rainforest

You can also choose to stay at a location in the Amazon, far/further away from civilisation. At these locations the flora, but especially the fauna, is overwhelming! In the rainforest of Suriname, you can find more than 5.000 plant species and an enormous variety of animals, such as; jaguars and other felines, tapirs, otters, 7 species of monkeys, 24 species of parrots and several special reptiles and snakes. A 'must' for every nature lover. You fly here with a small plane from Paramaribo and the runway is no more than a grass field in the middle of the rainforest. A special experience with beautiful views during the flight!

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