Best time to travel to Uruguay

The best time to travel to Uruguay depends on the area you want to visit. You can visit the country all year round, but it depends on what you would like to do when it is best to visit Uruguay.

In short:

  • December to February are the warmest months with temperatures between 26°C and 30°C.
  • June, July and August are the colder months with temperatures around 14°C.
  • The other months the temperature is around 20°C.

The most important things described

  • You can visit Uruguay all year round;
  • The country is located in the southern hemisphere so the seasons in Uruguay are exactly opposite to the seasons in Europe;
  • December to February are the warmest months with temperatures between 26°C and 30°C;
  • June, July and August are the coolest with temperatures around 14°C;
  • Other months in Uruguay are around 20°C;
  • The real high season is in the months of December and January where it is certainly busy on the coast with wealthy Argentines and Brazilians;
  • Uruguay has no specific rainy season, all year round you there is a chance of rain but not extremely much.

The best time to travel to Uruguay when travelling with children

The Christmas holidays are a good travel period for Uruguay. It is important to plan this well beforehand. In this period it is high season throughout Latin America. You can combine a trip to Uruguay with for example a visit to Argentina, Brazil and Antarctica. Uruguay is very child friendly, Uruguayans love children. In some accommodations it is possible that there is a minimum age limit, but this is sporadic. Most restaurants have childseats for children and most hotels have children's beds and chairs. The coastal region will attract your children, but staying at an estancia will also leave an impression.

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