Jubilee journay Galapagos and Panama

17 days - from € 14,599 per person

Family journey - Galapagos

  • Cruise along wildlife-rich islands and spot unusual birds
  • Snorkel among sea lions, penguins and sea turtles
  • Stand eye-to-eye with the blue-footed booby
  • Compare the colonial beauty of South America in Quito with that of Central America in Panama City
  • Experience the versatility of the Portobello Fortress: from water sports to lazing around, from rainforest to tropical beaches

Travel itinerary

Day 1: Amsterdam – Guayaquil

Today your Unique Journey to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and Panama starts! You will fly from Amsterdam to Guayaquil in Ecuador. At the airport you will be picked up and brought to your hotel. You will stay at Hotel del Parque, a beautiful hotel located on the outskirts of the city. The building originally offered shelter only to the homeless, elderly, and disabled, but has been converted into a beautiful boutique hotel with a botanical inner garden. The rooms are beautifully decorated and fully equipped.
Overnight stay: Hotel del Parque | bed & breakfast

Day 2: Guayaquil – Galapagos islands

In the morning you will be brought back to the airport and fly to San Cristobal in the Galapagos Archipelago. Upon arrival you will be taken directly to the M/Y Grace, the cruise ship on which you will be staying for the next few days. The M/Y Grace is the ideal ship for the traveler looking for a true explorer experience. The ship offers excellent service, lots of comfort and good food. The Galapagos archipelago is located about 1000 kilometers west of mainland Ecuador. This archipelago has never been connected to the mainland. Because of this the flora and fauna has developed in a unique way. The animal life has no natural enemies and is therefore not afraid of humans! Your first stop is Lobos Island. This island does justice to its name with its noisy population of mooing and barking animals. This is your chance to share the water with a playful colony of sea lions. From Lobos you go to Kicker Rock, a spectacular rock formation that rises 152 meters from the Pacific Ocean. It's shaped like a sleeping lion, but from a different angle you can see the rock being split. In the evening a welcome dinner is planned and you and the other travelers on board will toast to an unforgettable week.  
Overnight stay: M/Y Grace | full board

MY Grace Galapagos cruise

The M/Y Grace is a luxury cruise yacht with an exciting past. One detail from this past; this ship is the former marriage boat of Princess Cracia and Prince Rainier of Monaco. With the elegance of yesteryear, but with the comfort of today, you will sail through the Galapagos Archipelago. Aboard the M/Y Grace, you will be completely pampered. Drink a cocktail on the sun deck, enjoy a high quality dinner and let the experienced guides guide you through the Archipelago. This ship is part of Quasar Expeditions which sails on the Galapagos archipelago with another cruise ship.

Day 3: Galapagos islands

Espanõla Island is the southernmost island of the archipelago, and is one of the most popular because of the extensive wild life that can be found on the island. In the morning you will visit Punta Suarez, where you will find the largest variety of marine iguanas in the Galápagos, Nazca boobies and blue-footed boobies nesting along the edge of the cliff. In the afternoon you will visit Gardner Bay, a beautiful long white sandy beach, where colonies of sea lions lounge in the sun, sea turtles swim off the coast and curious mockingbirds
bravely explore the newcomers. 
Overnight stay: M/Y Grace | full board

Day 4: Galapagos islands

Floreana has a history consisting of pirates, whalers and a small group of somewhat peculiar settlers. You will visit Post Office Bay here, in 1793 a British whaler set up this mailbox so they could send letters home via passing ships. This tradition is continued to this day, simply by dropping a card without a stamp in a barrel. At the end of the morning you take a walk to the place of peace. On this spot there is a constructed spring, one of the few sources that provides the Galápagos with fresh water all year round. 

In the afternoon you will visit Cormorant Point, where you will find two contrasting beaches; a green-olivine beach and an iron-red beach. Between these two beaches there is a salt lagoon that is crowded with flamingos, white-cheecked pintails, poles and other wading birds. In the late afternoon you will go to a small island, known as one of the best snorkeling spots the Galapagos offers, and you may also spot sea lions in the water. 
Overnight stay: M/Y Grace | full board

Day 5: Galapagos islands

Santa Cruz is the second largest island in the Galapagos. Puerto Ayora, the capital of the archipelago, is also located here. In the morning you will visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, where you will be introduced to the giant turtle and land iguana breeding program. Fausto Llerena Center is part of the Charles Darwin Research Station. This station receives about 7800 visitors per month and currently houses 925 young and 70 adult turtles. In the afternoon you will visit the highlands, where dry coastal vegetation changes to wet fields and moss-covered forests. You will visit the El Chato Tortoise Reserve, where you will get a chance to see giant tortoises in the wild during a walk through the lava tubes and the twin craters. 
Overnight stay: M/Y Grace | full board

Day 6: Galapagos islands

In the morning you will visit Las Bachas. A sandy white coral beach that is an important place for sea turtles. The name Bachas refers to the remains of landing craft left over from the Second World War. Here you can see marine iguanas, flamingos and other wading birds together in one of the many super salty lagoons. You head north to the Chinese Hat Island, named after the resemblance in the shape of the hat like the traditional Chinese Kelie's hat. The next place you will visit is not accessible for larger groups and day boats, making it one of the least visited places. It is a small crescent-shaped bay with a white sandy beach between black lava rocks and the crystal clear turquoise waters of the canal. A sea lion colony likes to rest here on the warm white sand, while the bright red colored Sally Lightfoot Crab hides on the rocky parts of the coast. 
Overnight stay: M/Y Grace | full board

Day 7: Galapagos islands

Rabida Island, also known as Jervis Island in English, is known for its unique reddish / chestnut-brown terrain due to the oxidation of minerals in the lava. It is home to large populations of sea lions, pelicans and flamingos, as well as a thick forest of Palo Santo trees. Behind the round beach you will find a yellow saltwater lagoon, where large numbers of brightly colored pink flamingos can be seen, as well as male sea lions that have been driven out of their group. Towards the end of the morning you will have the opportunity to snorkel along the rocks, with sea lions and tropical fish. You will then visit Sullivan Bay. Here you will find one of the most striking volcanic spots on the Galapagos. It is almost 100 years ago that the Sullivan Bay Flow took place, only a few plants have managed to keep growing in this place. After exploring the lava flow you can swim and snorkel with the playful sea lions coming from the two small Coraline beaches. 
Overnight stay: M/Y Grace | full board

Day 8: Galapagos islands

On the island of Bartolome, famous for the giant pointed lava rocks Pinnacle Rock, you will see the Galápagos penguins and sea lions. You will walk to the top of Bartolome where you will be rewarded with spectacular views of Pinnacle Rock and the beach with its turquoise blue waters. In the afternoon you will visit North Seymour, a breeding ground for frigate birds and blue-footed gannets. Maybe you will need to step aside for a passing sea lion or marine iguana. To impress the female frigate birds, the male will blow up his bright red throat pouches. To be even more conspicuous, they'll fly around in the female's vicinity. You can imagine that this will be less easy with an inflated throat pouches, because they will lose their balance sooner. Funny to see. Despite the strong current of the sea, scuba diving here is worthwhile. The underwater life is interesting, as is the chance to encounter the peaceful green sea turtle or hammerhead shark. The nests of the Blue-foot Gannets are next to the place where they perform their mating dance. Nearby there is a small forest of silver-gray Palo Santo trees, these trees are waiting for the rain to come so that they will blossom again. 
Overnight stay: M/Y Grace | full board

Day 9: Galapagos islands – Quito

Before you say goodbye to this special place you will visit the island of Mosquera in the morning. It is one of the smallest islands of the Galapagos and consists of rocks and beautiful coral reefs. It has one of the largest sea lion colonies in the Galapagos archipelago. 

After this visit you will fly to Quito and you will be brought to your hotel. Quito, situated at about 2800 meters altitude in the Andes valley, is an attractive city with a rich past and a beautiful colonial center. At almost every place in the city there is a view of one of the many volcanoes that surround the city. The old colonial part of the city center has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The colorful, picturesque streets, the busy squares and the authentic local atmosphere, makes it definitely worth a visit. 
Overnight stay: Casa Gangotena | bed & breakfast

Day 10: Quito

Today your guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you along the main sights of the old city, visiting the old colonial center of the city, with its beautiful squares Plaza de la Independencia and Plaza San Fransisco. You will then be taken to a chocolate workshop, where you will attend a truffle making workshop. You will learn about the fantastic chocolate that is produced in Ecuador, which is considered one of the best in the world. After making the truffles, a tasting cannot be missed! When you are done tasting, you will visit the local craft market with your guide. Here you will look your eyes out among the many stalls with the gigantic variety of different crafts. From clothing to pottery and from painting to attire, everything can be found here. At your request, you can also visit a number of craft shops in the area with your guide. Afterwards you will be brought back to your hotel.
Overnight stay: Casa Gangotena | bed & breakfast

Day 11: Quito – Panama city

Today you will leave Ecuador and travel on to Panama. When you arrive at the airport of Panama City, our local staff will be ready to take you to your hotel. You will stay in a boutique hotel, located in the heart of the commercial center of Panama City. 
Overnight stay: American Trade Hotel | bed & breakfast

Day 12: Panama city – Portobelo

This morning you will visit the Miraflores lock of the Panama Canal, where you will see large ships passing by. In the visitor's centre you will learn about the history of the Panama Canal. You will be amazed by this masterpiece of human ingenuity. After this you will continue to the Amador Causeway, from where you will enjoy one of the best views of Panama City. You will then drive to the foot of Ancón Hill, the highest point of the city. Here you will have a 360 degree view over the city, the skyline, Casco Viejo, the Causeway, the ocean, the Bridge of the Americas, the canal and the Miraflores locks. Lunch will be provided and you will visit the traditional fish market of Panama City, where you will take a seat at a local restaurant.

In the afternoon you will be brought to Portobelo where you will spend the last days of your holiday. In Portobelo you will take the boat to your accommodation. This accommodation invites you to enjoy the idyllic surroundings in a lounger, while enjoying a mojito of passion fruits. At the same time, you are encouraged to discover the Afro-Panaman heritage of the region. El Otro Lado is located in the middle of the rainforest and at the same time near Portobelo, a beautiful 400 year old town built by the Spaniards, a Unesco World Heritage Site. 
Overnight stay: El Otro Lado | full board

Day 13 to 15: Portobelo

The small and natural environment of El Otro Lado offers you endless hours of relaxation. However, should you wish for some activity, there are numerous possibilities (for an additional fee on spot), such as; fishing, canoeing, bird watching, hiking through the rainforest, diving or snorkeling or a picnic on one of the nearby beaches to which you will be taken by boat. A must is to visit Colón, this is an authentic fishing village, where you can taste the real Caribbean colonial atmosphere. 
Overnight stay: El Otro Lado | full board

Day 16: Portobelo - Panama city – Amsterdam

Today your Unique Journey unfortunately comes to an end. You will be picked up by our local staff at your hotel and taken to Panama City Airport. Here you will board your intercontinental flight to Amsterdam. You will arrive here the next day.

Day 17: Amsterdam 

You arrive in Amsterdam today.


From € 14,599 per person

On the basis of 8 persons travelling together
Depending on the time of booking, flight availability and period of travel


  • domestic and local flights, economy class 
  • binnenlandse vluchten, economy class
  • 8 overnight stays, meals as mentioned 
  • 7 overnight stays on board M/Y Grace, on full board basis including excursions accompanied by professional guides
  • Galapagos National Park one-time Fee (USD $ 100 adults, USD $ 50 children)
  • INGALA Transit Control Card one-time fee (USD $ 20)
  • all transfers and excursions as stated
  • our backup 24/7; locally and in the Netherlands
  • extensive travel documents package with small attention

Not included:

  • international flights, if you wish, we reserve these for you
  • early check-in / late check-out, based on availability, this is sometimes provided by the hotel. If you want to be sure that you have this, ask us about the additional cost
  • (Dutch) public contribution Calamity fund; € 2.50,- per booking
  • SGR contribution of € 5,- per person per booking
  • travel and cancellation insurance

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