Kas Leermakers

I am a fourth-year student of the 'management tourism' programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences. My passion for travel and specifically Latin America started when I did a 6-month internship in Quito, Ecuador in 2019. I always wanted to do something with the Spanish language and Ecuador was the perfect opportunity to put this into practice. 

These 6 months have shown me how beautiful and impressive the landscape, the culture and the people are. The highlights of my internship were the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. These places have inspired me a lot. My dream is to be able to travel through Latin America for a longer period after my studies so that I can see even more of the landscapes, cultures and unspoilt nature. The first countries on my bucket list are: Brazil, Peru, Colombia and going back to Ecuador to visit friends. 

I am currently busy with my graduation project. For my graduation project I will analyze how sustainable Sapa Pana Travel is at this moment. Eventually we will be looking for a way in which Sapa Pana Travel can measure the sustainability of each individual tailor-made trip for its clients.  More about Sapa Pana Travel and sustainability.