3x special nature in Ecuador

| Anke Hendriks

For the true nature lover Ecuador is a unique and attractive destination. The country is relatively small, but has a wide variety of eco-systems. We have selected three special places, we want to share with you.

Mountains, volcanoes and the Andean spectacled bear

Majestic mountain peaks and impressive volcanoes, this is the landscape you see when you look out the window at Hacienda Zuleta. This hacienda is still in full operation, producing about 5000 liters of milk per day and growing many natural products such as potatoes, quinoa and organic vegetables. On the immense estate you can make beautiful walks in the area. Go horseback riding or explore the impressive eucalyptus forest on a mountain bike.


Unique is that you can spot the Andean spectacled bear in the vicinity of the accommodation. Since 2009 naturalist and biologist Yann Potaufeu has been researching and protecting bears. As a result, guests of Hacienda Zuleta saw a mother spectacled bear with her two cubs while horseback riding last month! Watch the video below about the project and the spotted spectacled bears.

Andes brilbeer in Ecuador
  • Andes brilbeer in Ecuador

The Mashpi Reserve

About a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the capital Quito you will find the Mashpi reserve. This reserve is one of the few regions in Ecuador that includes both rainforest and cloud forest. This combination creates a special interplay of nature. Here you will find flora and fauna that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Examples are the small tree frog, the Choco toucan and the violet tail nymph, a small colorful bird. In the middle of the reserve Roque Sevilla has developed a small-scale lodge, this is the key to an ultimate experience in this special area. Want to know more about the lodge? Then read the article '5 questions for Roque Sevilla' on our blog.

The Galapagos Archipelago

Black and motionless the iguanas lie in the sun, with a loud roar the sea lion guards his harem and not much later a giant sea turtle swims by. The Galapagos archipelago is a magical place on earth. Because the archipelago is never connected to the mainland, the flora and fauna have developed in a special way. The animals have no natural enemies and therefore have no fear for humans. On board the cruise ships of Quasar Expeditions, the M/Y Grace and the M/V Evolution, you can visit the islands in an exclusive way. Together with dedicated guides, you will undertake various activities every day to discover this special environment. Relax on the sun deck, toast to a beautiful day, and let yourself be pampered in the evening before a new day full of adventure arrives. At the end of 2018 Petra visited this special place. Curious about her experiences? Then read Petra's blog articles on the Galapagos.


Travel through Ecuador?

Are you a real nature lover? Then Ecuador is a perfect destination for a unique luxury holiday. Are you curious about the possibilities? Take a look at the travel itinerary that we have put together for inspiration. You can book this trip directly, but we also like to create personal programme based on your wishes and ideas.

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