Calanoa lodge: deep in the Colombian Amazon

| Johan van Rijswijck

Deep in the Colombian Amazon, lies the intimate Calanoa Jungle Lodge. For over 30 years, Marlene and Diego Samper have welcomed their guests here. It is a wonderful place where you can really get acquainted with the fascinating nature and cultures that are hidden here in the Amazon.

During Johan's journey through the Colombian Amazon he visited the Calanoa Jungle Lodge. "The hustle and bustle of sailing boats, such as you can find at Leticia and nearby villages is hard to find here. When we moor at the small jetty we are enthusiastically welcomed by Marlene and Diego Samper. This couple is originally from Bogotá, but have been living in the Amazon for over 30 years."

Marlene and Diego from the Calanoa Lodge

Marlene describes herself as a social communicator, publisher and environmental educator. Marlene has promoted the development of indigenous communities by promoting traditional art. She has accompanied several international groups in Latin American countries that have explored cultures and nature.

Her husband Diego is an artist, photographer, filmmaker and designer. His photo reports on Makuna culture have been published by the Smithsonian Institution Press. He was invited to make National Geographic reportages in the Ecuadorian Amazon basin. Together they published a number of books on the Amazon and his photography has been exhibited all over the world.

Calanoa Amazonas Foundation

With this knowledge in their pocket, Marlene and Diego started the Calanoa Lodge to raise money for their foundation. The Calanoa Amazonas Foundation wants to contribute to the conservation of the biological and cultural diversity of the Amazon, to support the improvement of the quality of life and the sustainable development of the communities around the Calanoa Nature Reserve. Guests of the lodge can get acquainted with the fascinating nature and indigenous cultures under the guidance of local guides.

The Calanoa Lodge

The Calanoa Lodge is an oasis of tranquillity and the wooden guesthouses are both tastefully and comfortably furnished. The lodge consists of four wooden cabins with two bedrooms. Each cabin has its own bathroom. In the middle of the lodge you will find the common room with a large dining table that offers a beautiful view of the river. Hammocks, swings and chairs where you can relax are all around. The cuisine of Calanoa is a mix of local Amazon traditions with Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian dishes, created by the creativity of the owners. Fresh local products are used for the dishes.

During your stay you can get to know the local communities and the rich flora and fauna in a responsible way. For example, you can go for walks through its own nature reserve and the Amacayacu national park. Make a trip over the river by canoe or visit the indigenous community of Mocagua, also called the painted village.

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