Wines in Casa de Uco, Argentina

| Anke Hendriks

In the midst of the vineyards, where nothing is lacking

At nightfall, the highest peaks of the Andes are set alight. Soon the day will be exchanged for the night with an unprecedented starry sky, which the Uco valley has a patent on. Juan leans back and enjoys the tranquil surroundings while the fire in the fire basket crackles. Here at Casa de Uco, his second home, Juan talks about his love for wine and how he has managed to combine this with his dream of letting people enjoy Argentine life.

Juan Tonconogy is the 37 year old owner of Casa de Uco, a beautiful luxury design hotel, located among the vineyards of the Uco Valley, one of the most important Argentine wine regions in the province of Mendoza. He grew up in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires and went on annual holidays with his family to the wine region where they spent their time with a friendly family. As he grew older, he became increasingly interested in wine and its production. Not much later he left for Mendoza and bought his first winery there.

Johan talks with Juan

In our online series Gente Mágica interviews, Johan talked with Juan about his love for wine, his winery in the Uco valley and about his love for classic cars. Watch the conversation on our YouTube channel or listen to it as a podcast via Spotify or Itunes.

Please note that the introduction of the interview is in Dutch, the interview itself is in English.

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A family dream

Now, a few years later, Juan has his own vineyard in the Uco Valley and welcomes, together with his family, his guests during a stay at Casa de Uco. "We wanted to create a beautiful place where wine lovers could blend their own wine and stay amidst the vineyards while they lack nothing", says Juan. Juan's father, Alberto Tonconogy, a renowned architect from the Argentine capital, designed and built the hotel. A lot of natural materials such as wood and raw concrete were used in the design. The large windows allow the breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, with the highest peaks of the Andes, to enter. Casa de Uco consists of 7 rooms, 9 suites and two villas.

Excellent wines in a unique setting

Wine plays the leading role in the Uco Valley, at Casa de Uco and in Juan's life. "It's one of my great passions. My first winery was Finca Los Manza and now Casa de Uco is our new family project. I like to experiment with new things in the wine process. In addition, we work hard to offer our guests a pleasant and carefree stay. The mix between design, personality, high quality service and nature makes us unique. We love to introduce our guests to our wines, but also to introduce them to our people and immerse them in the energy of Mendoza".

Wine is not the only thing that makes the Uco valley so special. If you wake up after a wonderful evening early in the morning in one of the hotel rooms of Casa de Uco and look outside while the first rays of the sun gently bring the valley to life, you will look out over the mountains that surround the valley. 10 minutes from Casa de Uco you can make beautiful hikes in the pristine nature where the Uco Valley flows into the Andes Mountains. In the evening you will enjoy an excellent dinner, prepared by the top chefs of Casa de Uco. Finally, Casa de Uco also has an extensive spa where you will be pampered.

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