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At ease, Juan leans back in his easy chair, while the fire in the fire pit quietly crackles. Juan Tonconogy is the owner of Casa de Uco, a beautiful luxury design hotel, located among the vineyards of the Uco Valley, one of the most important Argentine wine regions in the province of Mendoza. Besides his wine hotel, Juan has another big passion: Classic cars.

Passion for classic car rallies

A passion that Juan has had since childhood is the passion for classic cars. At least three times a year he takes part in classic car rallies himself, and not without success. For example, Juan has already won the Mille Miglia in Italy three times, which is considered the most important and leading classic car rally in the world.

Winner of the Mille Miglia Italy

“The victories in this rally are absolutely one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Italians are real experts in rallying and distinguishing yourself in such a strong field of ultimate car enthusiasts is something that will stay with me all my life. In particular, the victory I won this year, together with my wife, is an unforgettable moment for me. In Argentina, I always drive the Mil Millas, a rally in the Argentine Lake District, inspired by the Mille Miglia in Italy, and of course the Rally de las Bodegas here in Mendoza. The Rally de las Bodegas, in particular, is a must for me every year as it allows me to combine my two passions, wine and classic cars.”

Rally de las Bodegas

The Rally de las Bodegas is held every year to celebrate "Vendimia", the wine harvest. It is a unique opportunity for classic car enthusiasts to discover the beautiful province of Mendoza during the harvest season, when the weather is lovely and the plants are green, and to get to know the best wineries. The rally lasts two days and runs from the town of Mendoza to the Uco Valley and the Andes Mountains. Every year, 60 cars take part in the rally.

The Rally de las Bodegas is one of the most popular car races in Argentina. A few days on the road in a classic car, enjoying the famous wineries and the impressive landscapes. In cooperation with Casa de Uco, Sapa Pana Travel organizes a unique trip to Mendoza during the start of the harvest season, where you will participate in the Rally de las Bodegas in a classic car. Think (depending on availability) of an MGB 65 or 80, Fiat Osca Spider 69 or Triumph TR3.

Drive the Rally de las Bodegas yourself

The trip starts in Amsterdam, from where you will fly direct to Buenos Aires. The next morning you will land at Buenos Aires airport and will be taken to the Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires, where you will stay the following night. An early check-in has been arranged so that you can go straight into your hotel room. Buenos Aires has a lot to offer and is a pleasant start to your journey. On this day you will discover the colourful districts of the city and taste the special mix of cultures that have settled here over the years.

From Buenos Aires you fly to Mendoza, where your adventure will start. Your classic car will be waiting for you and a festive opening is planned in the evening. The next two days will be dedicated to the Rally de las Bodegas. While driving your classic car you will drive through the landscapes of the province of Mendoza. You will pass vineyards and wineries of the best wine producers in the world, with the peaks of the Andes in the background. The atmosphere is relaxed, but don't lose sight of the competition element. During these days you will stay in the Park Hyatt Mendoza. After this impressive and strenuous rally, you will be brought to the Uco Valley, where you will stay for four nights at Casa de Uco. Enjoy the hospitality of the accommodation during these days. Let the staff advise you on the activities you can participate in and enjoy an excellent dinner in the evening. You will fly back to Buenos Aires, where you will end this unique experience with a visit to one of the best tango shows in the Argentine capital. While enjoying a delicious dinner at a VIP spot you will be treated to performances of the best tango dancers at the show of Esquina Carlos Gardel. The next day you will fly back to Amsterdam.

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