Unique: Futangue Hotel & Spa in Chile

| Anke Hendriks

This accommodation in the Lake District in Chile, had all our attention at our office right away. Situated in a 13,500 hectares private reserve consisting of extensive untouched forests, majestic mountains, beautiful lakes and spectacular waterfalls. Of course, our Latin American heart beats faster from this and it is inevitable that you, as a travel lover, will experience the same.

Curious? Check the lodge out in 3 minutes:

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A weekend in the lodge

Last month our local partner stayed at the lodge with his family; "We all really enjoyed the stay. This part of the Lake District in Chile is still unspoilt, quiet and authentic. From the town of Puerto Varas it is very easy to get here with your own car. It is a beautiful drive of about two hours on well-maintained roads. You pass small villages and drive through the Chilean countryside.

We made hikes through the thousand-year-old dense rainforest, crossing a suspension bridge and passing waterfalls. By bike we drove along the colourful lakes and in kayaks we crossed Lake Pichi.

Of course, we weren't only being active. When you're away from everyday life, relaxing is also part of it. We enjoyed the spa and had a delicious meal. The dishes were made with healthy and local products. Tip: be sure to taste the homemade bread!"

The Futangue lodge

The hotel is located in the private reserve Futangue, in the Lake District of Chile. The hotel has been designed to fit in perfectly with its surroundings. Local wood and colourful fabrics from the local Mapuche culture were used. The buildings are designed in such a way that you can fully enjoy the surroundings, think of large windows and an outdoor area with lounge chairs and a large fireplace. The currently 16 rooms, subdivided into superior rooms and suites, have a natural and tranquil atmosphere, mainly made by natural products.

Active in the area

The forests in the reserve have remained untouched since its creation thousands of years ago, with the result that the area has an enormous biodiversity of flora and fauna. From the lodge you have plenty of opportunities for fun and active activities. The park consists of more than 100 kilometres of hiking trails, you can go mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, fly fishing and bird watching. After a day full of adventure and nature you can relax in the spa. The spa has an indoor and outdoor pool, a sauna and you have the possibility for various treatments.

Travel through Chile - With a stay at Futangue Hotel & Spa?

We are very enthusiastic about this lodge and the surrounding nature park. Chile has a great nature and this lodge is an absolute asset. Especially because it's easily accessible with a rental car. We believe that the best way to discover this region is to rent a car.

Are you curious and would you like to know more about a trip through Chile including a stay at the Futangue lodge? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to work out a suitable itinerary for you. Call us on +31 73 610 62 04, send an email to info@sapapanatravel.nl or fill in our contact form.

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