Johan in Huila

| Johan van Rijswijck

An undiscovered piece of Colombia

"What a great country! This week Johan is for a visit in Colombia where he is present at a fair in Bogota to get inspiration and speak to our partners. He is also visiting a number of hotels that we work with and he got to know new unique places!

Pictures to get jealous of

This week, while we are here in the cold Netherlands, we received some jealous making pictures that of course we don't want to withhold.

Lesser-known Colombia

"On Saturday, I arrived in Neiva, the capital of the Huila region. A barely discovered region of Colombia. Soon it became clear to me that I am again in a beautiful part of Latin America. No matter how often I travel to Latin America, there is always something new to discover.

Desierto de Tatacoa

First we visited the Tatacoa desert, southwest of Bogota. That Colombia is rich in nature is no secret, but this area is an odd, but certainly noteworthy, stranger in our midst. The desert-like landscape provides beautiful, breathtaking views. Here we made a walk through the lunar landscape of the Valle del Cusco and visited the special Bethel Bio Luxury hotel. We also visited the historic village of Villavieja where we visited among others Patio de la Ceramica. A workshop where they make very beautiful pottery in the traditional way. The great thing about this workshop is that it originated from a cooperative of single women. In the evening we enjoyed an excellent dinner in Casa del Angel, a beautiful small-scale accommodation in a historic building. Nice to know: Simón Bolívar stayed here for a while.

Welcome to San Agustín

The next day we were taken to San Agustín. This place is known for the most important archaeological site of Colombia, which is located here. The first remains date from 3000 years B.C., but the most important tombs and sculptures date from the beginning of our era, about 900 years AD. The archaeological site covers 78 hectares, but is part of an area of up to 50,000 hectares where these sculptures were found. This site is considered to be the largest necropolis in the world. 

Besides this archaeological site there is much more to experience in and around San Agustín. The place is located in the so-called Colombia massif, an area where the Andes splits into three mountain ridges that crosses Colombia from north to south. Also the most important rivers of Colombia originate here, the Magdalena River, the Cauca River and the Putumayo River. Because of the differences in altitude and the many microclimates, this area has pristine nature and it is an excellent place for bird watching. You can also, if you are lucky, find spectacled bears and pumas here. Unfortunately, we have only found traces of a spectacled bear that walked our path a few days earlier. 

On Monday we visited the 'Street of Magdalena', a spectacular viewpoint near the Magdalena River. Later we went on horseback to La Chiquira. Also a great viewpoint with sculptures overlooking the valley and river. These days we stayed in the small, rustic Yama hotel in San Agustín. In short, it is a great trip'.

There is also work to be done

But of course there is also work to be done. Johan is currently present at a trade fair in Bogota to talk to our partners, to network and to get inspired. Later this week he will visit Medellín again and then it is time to fly home with a suitcase full of new inspiration.

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