Northeast Brazil

| Anke Hendriks

Different and undiscovered

In Latin America there is probably no country that appeals more to the imagination than Brazil. The colourful and vibrant mix of cultures, the immense size with its great diversity of landscapes, the talented football players, the impressive cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and the great celebration of Carnival. Yet few people really know it, because besides the undisputed highlights, the country has so much more to offer. One of these unique, and still undiscovered, places is the northeast of Brazil!

Brazilian mother figures

During my trip through South America my first destination was Rio de Janeiro, from here we travelled further to Paraty, São Paulo and the Waterfalls of Iguaçu. An enormous distance, but only a pinhead if you draw this on the map of Brazil.

Next to the amazing and versatile nature, the best thing I can remember are the Brazilian people. What a great people. Contrary to the stories that often suggest there is no description of a typical Brazilian. Brazil is one big melting pot of cultures and that is reflected in the appearance of the people. However, the friendliness and frankness are two characteristics that most Brazilians possess. Everywhere you go, everything is done to make you feel at home. The moment I crossed the border to Argentina I immediately got homesick for all the Brazilian mother figures who took such good care of us.

Brazil has undoubtedly conquered a special place in my heart. And then I only got to know a small part of this country. Sure I will come back for the Pantanal, the Amazon, but also for the northeast of Brazil, an undiscovered and untouched Brazil.

Northeast Brazil: Different and undiscovered

Walking through São Paulo, an immense metropolis with over 20 million inhabitants and an area as large as the province of Utrecht, you can hardly imagine that in the same country there is an equally large area that houses only 100 families. An area where you can still admire the characteristic landscape of lagoons, marshes, dunes, sandy beaches and coral reefs. In this area, far away from the hurried modern world, you can still experience the friendly atmosphere of this pristine region. Idyllic beaches, unpaved roads, the Forró music that sounds through the streets and the best restaurants on the coast where you can eat the freshest and purest seafood.

Barefoot Luxury in a heavenly setting

The relaxed atmosphere in the northeast of Brazil ensures that you can enjoy all the beautiful places you will find here. High on my wish list is the surrealistic landscape of Lençois Maranhences, where perfectly formed white sand dunes alternate with azure blue lakes, as far as you can see. An enchanting and magical landscape that you can't compare with anything else in the world, I've been told.

Not far from here is the paradise of Jericoacoara, where you can see one of the most spectacular sunsets ever. Discovered in the 70's by hippies, artists and freebooters, Jericoacoara is becoming more and more famous, but over the years it has managed to retain its charm as a small fishing village. From here you can visit the Paranaíba Delta, known for its rich diversity of flora and fauna. But what I'm really looking forward to is enjoying a cocktail of exotic fruits, in a hammock overlooking one of the many untouched and pure white sandy beaches and a clear blue sea.

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