When to go on holiday to Brazil

The best time to travel to Brazil depends on the area you want to visit. You can visit the country all year round, but it is entirely up to your personal wishes when we can best plan your trip to Brazil.

What is the time to visit Brazil for you? 

  • For example, would you like to be in Rio during Carnival, or would you like to avoid it?
  • Are you looking for guaranteed beach weather or are you just looking for a slightly cooler period, so you could be active?
  • Would you like to spot certain animals such as the whales off the coast in the north or in the south?
  • Would you like to optimally view certain natural phenomena such as the Iguaçu Falls or the springs between the sand dunes at Lençois Maranhenses?

The answer to these kind of questions will eventually determine which period is most suitable for you to make your dream trip to Brazil and below we will give you more explanations.

Best time to travel by region

Have you thought about what you'd like to see in Brazil? Then take a look below to find out the best time to travel around Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro

In general
This vibrant metropolis is located quite south of the country. This means that you can speak of four seasons here. However, you have to imagine that in the 'winter months' of June to August, it can still be a 25°C temperature. There is slightly more chance of rainfall, especially in June, but in Rio rain falls all year round, so you can't really speak of a dry and a wet period. 

Strolling through the city or relaxing on the beach? 

If you like to be active in Rio, without being overwhelmed by a scorching heat, then we recommend to visit this city between July and October. If you want to be guaranteed to visit the beach, this period may be a little less suitable, as it can sometimes be a bit chilly. 

December to March are the summer months in Rio de Janeiro. Temperatures can then rise well above 30°C. Additionally, it is the most crowded period of the year.

São Paulo

In general
For São Paulo the same applies as for Rio de Janeiro, but São Paulo is situated at about 1000 meters above sea level. Because of this it is cooler and because São Paulo is a bit more inland, there is a bit more difference between the drier and wetter periods. 

From June to September temperatures are around 20°C and it drops to 10°C during the nights, but there is almost no rainfall. From December to February, temperatures rise to 30°C during the day, but there is a high risk of rainfall during these months. March through May and October through November are in between in terms of temperatures and rainfall.

Iguaçu Falls

This spectacular natural spectacle is located in the south on the border with Argentina. You can visit the waterfalls all year round. What you have to keep in mind is the dry and rainy season.

Cool temperatures, low water level
Because of its southern location, it can still be quite cool here in the winter months of June to September and the amount of water is also at its lowest.  

High temperatures, high water level
From December to March it can be warm and humid. Temperatures are around 30°C, humidity is high and there is a high risk of rainfall. The amount of water is at its highest. The amount of water in this period is impressive, but there is also a good chance that certain parts of the trails, especially on the Argentinian side, are closed because of the large amount of water.

Best time to visit?
You could say that the months of October, November and April, May are the best months to visit the waterfalls. Temperatures are then very pleasant and the amount of water at the waterfalls is perfect.

Amazon and Pantanal

The Amazon rainforest and the Pantanal (the largest wetland in the world), are considered to be the most important natural areas of Brazil. The rainy season in these areas runs from November to June. The dry season is from July to November. The dry season is generally recognized as the best travel season because animals are easier to spot in this period. During the season the water level is higher and that has the advantage that everything is even greener and that boats can go even deeper into nature.

Northeast Brazil

This area is good to visit all year round. The temperature is always around 30°C. From April to June the humidity is very high and this period has the most rainfall.  

South Brazil

Of the most southern Brazilian states Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, where the cities of Florianópolis and Porto Alegre are located, you could really say that they have four seasons, which are opposite to the seasons we have in Europe. It is a beautiful green and mountainous area, where the best Brazilian wines come from and where you can drive very nice car routes. 

The best time to visit this region is between October and May, when everything is blossoming in the months October and November. April is the harvest season for wine grapes.

The best time to travel to Brazil when travelling with children

During our summer holidays the temperatures in Brazil are pleasant. This also applies to spring and autumn. Springbreak and the summer holidays are therefore an excellent travel period when you would like to go to Brazil with children. The Christmas holiday is in terms of climate also a good travel period, but then it is high season. The Brazilians then have their main holiday period and they travel a lot in their own country as well. Would you like to travel during the Christmas holidays? We recomend to start planning your trip in time. We are happy to advise you!

Would you like to travel to Brazil?

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