Best time to travel to Ecuador

The best time to travel to Ecuador depends on which area you want to visit. The country is situated on the equator and therefore, in terms of temperature it is always pleasant to travel there. Because the country consists of roughly three different ecosystems, the best time to travel depends on which area you want to visit.

In short:

  • The best time to travel to Ecuador is actually all year round, as there are few seasonal differences;
  • Ecuador can be divided into a dry and a rainy period;
  • In the Amazon, it's tropically warm all year round;
  • You can visit the Galapagos Islands all year round, the best period depends on which animals you absolutely want to see.

Best time to travel by region

Basically, it is possible to visit Ecuador throughout the year. The country does not have four seasons, but a dry and rainy season. The rainfall during the rainy season is a bit heavier. Yet, the sun shines every day for several hours. More important is to take a look at where you want to go to.

The highlands and the Andes

The Andes stretches from north to south across Ecuador, almost like a spine. On one side, you will find the coast and on the other side, the rainforest. In the high mountains of Ecuador you will find the capital Quito, impressive national parks such as Cotopaxi and small mountain villages including Otavalo. For this region the following applies:

  • The highland is easy to travel all year round;
  • The temperature is between 7 and 22°C all year round, with the mornings generally sunny and cool, and in the afternoons it gets warmer. In the afternoon there may be a downpour and in the evening it cools down again;
  • The dry season is from June to September and the rainy season is from October to May.


The Amazon in Ecuador stretches from the Andes towards the east to the border with Colombia and Peru. The area covers about 50% of the entire land surface of Ecuador. The climate is characterized by a warm and humid season and a clear distinction is made between the dry and the wet season.

  • In the Amazon it is tropically warm throughout the year;
  • You can visit the Amazon all year round, but in some months there is more rain than in others;
  • In the months from September to December, there's hardly any rain;
  • Most rain falls during the months of June, July and August;
  • Tropical downpours are generally short and mainly occur in the afternoon.

The best time to travel to Ecuador when travelling with children

You can travel to Ecuador all year round, so all school holidays are a great travel period for your trip with children to Ecuador. Did you know that there is a special family with children cruise at the Galapagos Islands? The Amazon rainforest and the mainland are also beautiful regions to include in your family trip. You can introduce your children to the indigenous people deep in the Amazon or to beautiful colonial cities, where you can stay in authentic hacienda's, among other places.

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