‘The land of lakes and volcanoes’
‘A country with heart’

  • Beautiful green coastline
    Beautiful green coastline


  • Semana Santa
    Semana Santa

  • Granada

  • Nicaragua

  • Lago de Apoyo
    Lago de Apoyo

    The largest crater lake in Nicaragua. In this lake you can find fish species that can't be fin anywhere else in the worldpecies that are unique in the world because there is no contact with other water life.

  • Nicaragua

  • Friendly locals
    Friendly locals


Nicaragua is both the largest and the most sparsely populated country of Central America. In the north it borders on Honduras and in the south on Costa Rica, and it’s about four times bigger than the Netherlands.

When it comes to tourism Nicaragua is the least known country of Central America and it doesn’t deserve that. With its stunning lakes, gigantic volcanoes, attractive colonial towns, diverse nature and appealing pearly white sand beaches Nicaragua is worth a visit.

The ‘story’ that Nicaragua is dangerous is absolutely not true. You will not be received as hospitably anywhere else... It’s also possible to explore Nicaragua with a rental car, the distances are short, the signposting is clear and the roads are generally (pretty) good.

Not only does Nicaragua have nature, contrary to neighbouring countries Honduras and Costa Rica it also has a lot of culture and cities with a rich history.
A perfect mix of highlights for travellers that want to avoid the masses and who are open to a little adventure!

  • Castenmiller

    Nicaragua, a must!

    In February 2008 we travelled through Nicaragua with a rental car (Toyota 4x4 Prado) for 3 weeks. We got to know the Westside of the country really well by driving through it ourselves. Tourism there …

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