Journey Bahia - Brazil

15 days - from € 2,490 per person

off the beaten track - nature - self-drive - history - beach - active

  • Prepare your own Moqueca Mista (fish stew) in Salvador
  • Follow a workshop Capoeira-dancing
  • Hike through fantastic countryside of Chapada Diamantina
  • Spend the night on the unspoiled island of Boipeba
  • Drive your rental car (and surf board) along the beach towns of the Atlantic coast

Travel itinerary

Day 1: Amsterdam – Salvador

Your unique journey to Brazil starts today. You will fly from Amsterdam to Salvador. Upon arrival you will be welcomed by one of our local staff and brought to your hotel. Salvador is the most African looking city in South America because most of the slaves were transported to this region to work at the sugar cane plantations. Even more than in other parts of Brazil, here you can taste the sizzling atmosphere of a swinging and vibrant culture. You will stay in the district Pelourinho. This city centre has just like the city of Lisbon two levels that are connected by an elevator. Enjoy the African atmosphere of Salvador. Taste for example the typical Bahian Acarajé. This is a Brazilian snack made from beans and onion, it is ball-shaped and fried in palm oil (=azeite de dende in Portuguese). This dish also comes from the slavery era.
Overnight stay: Hotel Casa do Amarelindo | bed & breakfast

Day 2: Salvador 

After breakfast your guide will pick you up at your hotel for a walk through the historic center of Salvador, the Pelourinho. This part of Salvador was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985 and it is an eminent example of colonial history and the symbol of the black movement in Bahia. You will find several churches, museums, studios of local artists, stores and restaurants. The main attractions include the home of the famous Brazilian writer Jorge Amado, the cultural group Olodum (known from Michael Jackson's hit 'They don't care about us') and the Church of São Francisco. You will also visit the Elevador Lacerda (elevator) built in 1873 to connect the upper town of Salvador with the lower town. From here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the bay of the All Saints and the Mercado Modelo. In the Mercado Modelo you will find many handicrafts, a nice location to buy souvenirs. 

Today you will also get cooking lessons from the Uruguai community in Salvador. Foodies and starting chefs will enjoy this gastronomic experience in Salvador that gives a tempting glimpse into the culture of a traditional community. The cooking class, the market visit and the lunch that this tour provides are led by a number of local women who together founded the ADOCCI (Association of pastry chefs, chefs and confectioners of Itapagipe). They are very passionate when it comes to creating delicious, healthy dishes and sharing their culinary culture. You will meet these people and learn more about how this project started. Meet the cooks' favorite seasonal dishes and roll up your sleeves to create a Moqueca Mista. After you've learned all the insider tips and tricks, take a seat to taste your well-deserved fresh lunch while you continue talking to the chefs and local guide.
Overnight stay: Hotel Casa do Amarelindo | bed & breakfast

Day 3: Salvador

This day you will go to the Escola de Capoeira do Mestre Bimba, a traditional capoeira dance school. Capoeira is a fight dance, it combines elements of dance and music while pretending to fight someone. This fighting dance has its origins in the Brazilian slave era. Nowadays it is practiced by several people worldwide. The dance is characterized by fast and complex movements, which require the necessary strength and speed from someone. During the workshop you will learn the tricks of the capoeira, not only learning the movements but also how to play the typical instruments (the berimbau).
Overnight stay: Hotel Casa do Amarelindo | bed & breakfast

Day 4: Salvador - Cachoeira

(approx. 120 km | 3 hour drive)
In the morning you will be taken to Salvador airport (approx. 35 km outside the city) where you can pick up your rental car at the car rental company. Once you picked up your rental car, you will drive on your own to your next destination: Cachoeira, located about 120 km west of Salvador. The picturesque town of Cachoeira lies between the banks of the Paraguaçu River and a series of hills in a fertile area that, thanks to its sugar and tobacco plantations, played an important role in Brazil's history. The colonial architecture from the time when the town was a major producer of tobacco and sugar cane is well preserved. After Salvador, Cachoeira has the largest collection of baroque architecture in the state of Bahia.
Overnight stay: Pousada Identidade Brasil | bed & breakfast

Day 5: Cachoeira - Chapada Diamantina

(approx. 350 km | 5,5 hour drive)
After breakfast you drive to Lençóis. Further inland in the state of Bahia. On the way to Lençóis you will see some typical houses along the road of pau a pique. This is a construction where bamboo and clay are used to make the walls of the house. You will notice that you really go inland. You will see Sertão, Cerrado (savannah-like) and Atlantic rainforest and in nature you will find a mixture of palm trees, cactuses and tropical rainforest. Lençóis is a small town in the heart of the Chapada Diamantina National Park. This sparsely populated area with special landscapes and stunning views has not yet been discovered by the large crowd of tourists. The name Lençóis comes from the fact that the river that flows next to Lençóis foams a lot when it rains heavily, creating a white plain above the water. This makes it look as if a sheet is resting on the water. You will stay at Hotel Canto das Águas, beautifully situated on the outskirts of the village of Lençois. In the hotel you will find many works of art by local artists.
Overnight stay: Hotel Canto das Águas | bed & breakfast

Day 6: Chapada Diamantina

In the morning you will be picked up at your accommodation for a walk along the Serrano river where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the natural rock lakes. Then walk on to the Areias Coloridas (colored sand). These are rocks that reveal an amazing diversity of colors in a small area of sandstone. Then you continue to the Primavera waterfall which flows into the Lençóis river next to the highest point of the mountain, the rock of Pedra do Mirante. From here you have a beautiful view over the town of Lençóis. After lunch you will go to Ribeirão do Meio. After a short walk (3km) you can dive into the natural rock lakes before returning to Lençois at the end of the afternoon.
Overnight stay: Hotel Canto das Águas | bed & breakfast

Day 7: Chapada Diamantina

Today you will visit several caves. Starting with Lapa Doce, 75 km from Lençóis. These caves have beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. Afterwards you will continue to the Pratinha cave where an underground river with crystal clear water gives you the opportunity to take a refreshing dive. The sunlight that shines in at the Gruta Azul creates a spectrum of colors, a unique natural phenomenon. In the afternoon you climb to the Morro do Pai Inácio where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset.
Overnight stay: Hotel Canto das Águas | bed & breakfast

Day 8: Chapada Diamantina - Boipeba

(approx. 475 km | 7 hour drive)
Today you drive to Valença, where you leave your rental car and make the crossing to the beautiful island of Boipeba. Once you arrive here you will be welcomed by one of our local employees and accompanied to your accommodation. You will stay in Pousada Mangabeiras, located at the end of the beach Boca da Barra, on the highest part of an estate of 48,000 m2, by the sea, with lots of greenery and peace. On the estate there is another piece of native forest where you will find a wealth of different local flora, including coconut palms, cashew trees, birybas (a Brazilian fruit tree from which the berimbau, the musical instrument of the capoeira, is made), orchids and many mangabeiras (local tree species).
Overnight stay: Pousada Mangabeiras | bed & breakfast

Day 9: Boipeba

Today you can explore the island of Boipeba on your own, the ideal island for travelers looking for rest and relaxation and who want to spend a lot of time in nature. Here you can enjoy the beaches in the shadows of the coconut palms and sail or canoe to the deserted beaches. If you want to have a good time, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the village of Boipeba. You will find a wide variety of flora and fauna on the island, including coral, algae, molluscs, sea urchins, starfish and in the region you will also find sea turtles. The Church of the Holy Spirit of the historical part of Boipeba (Igreja do Divino Espírito Santo de Velha Boipeba), originally built in 1610, is one of the most important historical monuments of Boipeba.
Overnight stay: Pousada Mangabeiras | bed & breakfast

Day 10: Boipeba - Itacaré

(approx. 135 km | 3 hour drive)
From Boipeba you will take the boat back to Valença on the mainland and from here you can drive your rental car to Itacaré and explore the town on your own. Along the way you can enjoy the beautiful green nature and every now and then you can see the beach in the distance.
Overnight stay: Pousada Burundanga | bed & breakfast

Day 11: Itacaré

Today you have the opportunity to explore Itacaré. The coastline surrounded by the Atlantic rainforest, with less than 25,000 inhabitants, is the main tourist attraction. This coastline was discovered by surfers who came down on the big waves of Itacarezinho and Tiririca. The area is also known as the Costa do Cacau, or cocoa coast. Here you can enjoy beautiful beaches, delicious food and sunshine all year long.
Overnight stay: Pousada Burundanga | bed & breakfast

Day 12:  Itacaré – Arraial d’Ajuda

(approx. 390 km | 6,5 hour drive)
In the morning you will drive on to Arraial d’Ajuda. This is a district of Porto Seguro, located in the southern part of the state of Bahia. This small town is surrounded by the Atlantic rainforest and lies on top of impressive colorful cliffs. Porto Seguro was discovered on April 22nd 1500 by the Portuguese explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral and was given the name Porto Seguro which, in English means, safe harbour.
Overnight stay: Pousada Pitinga | bed & breakfast

Day 13: Arraial d’Ajuda

Today you have the time to go out on your own in Arraial d'Ajuda. A remarkable sight in this town is the "Holy Spring". The local legend says that if you take a shower here, you will one day return to Arraial d'Ajuda.  Something you should definitely have seen is the full moon rising from the sea behind the church.  The mix of local people, hippies and tourists have formed Arraial d'Ajuda into a small international village they affectionately call "corner of the world".
Overnight stay: Pousada Pitinga | bed & breakfast

Day 14: Arraial d’Ajuda – Porto Seguro – Amsterdam

Your unique journey through Brazil ends today. You will drive from Arraial d'Ajuda to the airport in Porto Seguro and return the rental car here (approx. 12km/ 1 hour drive). To get to Porto seguro from Arraial d'Ajuda you will take the ferry. At Porto Seguro airport you will board your intercontinental flight to Amsterdam, via São Paulo. 

Day 15: Amsterdam

Today you will arrive in Amsterdam.


From € 2,490 per person

  • On the basis of 2 people travelling together           
  • Depending on the time of booking, availability of accommodations and period of travel


  • 13 overnight stays, meals as mentioned above 
  • 10 days rental car (Cat. GX: Renault Duster 2.0 or similar alternative) incl. basic insurance, from Salvador with drop-off in Porto Seguro
  • all transfers and excursions as mentioned 
  • our back-up 24/7; locally and in the Netherlands
  • ​extensive travel document package with a small attention

Not included:

  • international and domestic flights, if desired we can book these for you.
  • costs for crossing to Boipeba approx. € 10,- per person per turn (to be paid locally)
  • early check-in / late check-out, based on availability, this is sometimes provided by the hotel. If you want to be sure to have this, ask us about the additional costs.
  • (Dutch) public contribution Calamity fund; € 2.50,- per booking
  • SGR contribution of € 5,- per person per booking
  • ​travel and cancellation insurance

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