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"What is the best time to travel in Peru?" We receive this question regularly. It is generally said that the best travel period for Peru is between May and September. However, October, November and even early December are still perfect months to travel. Want to know more about the best travel period in Peru? We got it figured out for you.

High season in June, July and August

June to August is considered the best travel period for Peru. This is because these months are considered to be the driest period. So our summer, and summer vacation if you travel with children, is a nice travel period for Peru. Please note that this time of year, due to the high season, it can be busy. Accommodations and activities are previously fully booked and prices for flights are higher.

Travel in the shoulder season from September to December

Although September and October still fall under the dry season, from September onwards it will be less crowded in Peru. From November there is more chance of rain, but because the change from dry to rainy season is gradual, it only gets really wetter from the end of December. This means that in September to December you can also travel perfectly around Peru, both in the highlands and in the Amazon. Additional advantages are that the highlights like Machu Picchu are a lot less crowded, the accommodations where you like to stay are available and the flight tickets are generally better priced.

Rain season from the end of December to March

More rainfall is expected from the end of December, with January and February being the wettest months of the year. In addition, the incatrail to Machu Picchu is closed in February. Precipitation falls in the Andes and the Amazon in the eastern part of the country. The Peruvian coast is dry and temperatures are highest during this period. So the months of January, February and March for Mancora, situated on the coast in the far northwest of the country, are the best months to travel.

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