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A magical journey through Guatemala and Belize

With somewhat mixed feelings I got on a plane to Guatemala with my family at the end of July. The travel advice on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had given me a strong scare. Even a very reassuring conversation with Johan could not have dispelled all my doubts. But all the misery described on the website could not have been further removed from reality. Guatemala is such a beautiful country full of contrasts and what a friendly, hospitable population.

Antigua and the fairytale lake of Atitlán

We strolled along the cobbled streets of Antigua from coffee shop to coffee shop, we looked out on the colourful markets, climbed a volcano, roasted marshmallows in old lava and watched debris shoot out of the volcano mouth.

We travelled on to Lake Atitlán, surrounded by volcanoes, enchanted by the endless shades of blue. The whole day I could watch this beautiful spectacle from my hotelroom at the edge of the lake.

The hospitality in Uaxactún

In Tikal and Uaxactún, we witnessed the grandeur of the Maya, accompanied by Carlos, who shared with us all the ins and outs of his ancestors. The hospitality in Uaxactún, where we were served a delicious dinner between dozens of burning candles next to the most important Mayan monument, is unforgettable.

Caribbean Belize, the jungle and an uninhabited island

From Flores in Guatemala we flew to Belize. A country where a Caribbean atmosphere is and where the many population groups live relaxed together. A part of my heart has remained in the jungle of Lamanai. I lay in my hammock on the terrace for less than 5 minutes when the first toucan landed on a branch above me, while a family of monkeys in the tree next to me was eating peacefully. The almost constant presence of these monkeys, and their impressive roar, gave magic to these days. And then I haven't mentioned the snakes, tarantulas, crocodiles and the evening trips over the lagoon and under the indescribably beautiful starry sky.

A part of my heart has remained in the jungle of Lamanai.

The end of a perfectly organised journey

Another highlight was the visit to the ATM cave. The most sacred Mayan cave. A 3-hour wet adventure in the dark in which, under expert guidance, you swim, wade, climb and wriggle through crevices. In our last jungle night the cacophony sounded, even louder than usual, like a farewell concert. Finally, we spent a few days on an uninhabited island to swim, snorkel, dive, and above all to contemplate this unforgettable, perfectly organized trip.

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