Travel advice from a Latin America specialist

Would you like to organize your trip to Latin America yourself, but would like to receive travel advice from a specialist? That is possible. At our office you can brainstorm with us, discuss your travel plans, plan a route and we can provide you with useful and fun tips for an unforgettable journey. And the journey itself? You can arrange this yourself after our travel advice or let us arranged it for you.

Travel advice at our office

During an appointment at our office we discuss your travel wishes together, while enjoying a Bossche Bol and a cup of coffee. With this tailor-made travel advice and useful tips, you have a 'backpack' full of information to put together and organize your trip yourself. If desired, you can send us your mapped trip again for a final check.

The costs are € 250 per appointment 


  • Conversation at our office with a travel specialist from Sapa Pana Travel, duration of 1.5 - 2 hours (of course with a Bossche Bol and coffee or tea)
  • Practical and fun tips
  • Final check of your self-composed travel itinerary by a Sapa Pana Travel travel-specialist, by mail or by phone.

Why travel advice - from a Latin America specialist?

We at Sapa Pana Travel are specialized in putting together incredible journeys to the Latin American continent. This means that we arrange a trip from start to finish for you including flights, transfers, hotels and excursions. With our knowledge, expertise and years of experience, we organize tailor-made journeys that fully meet the needs of travelers. 

However, we also understand that today it is also possible to arrange your trip to Latin America yourself. You can book the flights yourself, you can book your hotels via various sites and you can read many tips on blogs about fun things to do. This offers more flexibility. And of course it is fun to do, we actually do this every day.

Planning a journey is not always easy

Don't be mistaken, planning a journey involves many questions. What is the best time to travel, what is a logical route, should we take domestic flights or not. But also, what are really special things to do, where do I have the most special Amazon experience and what is the most beautiful trek to Machu Picchu?

Due to our experience as a Latin America specialist, we have this knowledge in-house. We know the best routes, know on which days the domestic flights go and we know the special and fun places of each destination. During an travel advice meeting at our office, we share this knowledge with you so that you can enjoy Latin America as much as we do during your self-organized journey.

Plan an appointment - for travel advice from a Latin America specialist

Would you like to discuss your travel plans to a destination in Latin America with us and receive our travel advice? Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment at our office. Call us on +31 73 610 62 04 or send an e-mail to

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