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Self-drive holiday Argentina

Argentina is a country of choice for a road trip. Here you can drive very special and spectacular routes. For example, you can drive the Ruta 40, which runs for about 5000 kilometers along the Andes from north to south. View the possibilities and some example trips below for a self-drive holiday in Argentina.

Self-drive holidays in Argentina with Sapa Pana Travel

Argentina has an unprecedented number of spectacular car routes. The most famous is without doubt the Ruta 40. A great route of more than 5,000 kilometers through the Andes and over the desolate plains of Patagonia. In 1935 the construction of the 'RN 40' started, which runs from the hamlet of La Quiaca near the Bolivian border, in northern Argentina to the village of Punta Loyola on the Atlantic coast in southern Argentina near the city of Rio Gallegos. At Abra del Acay, the Ruta 40 runs at an altitude of 5061 meters. Where certain parts of this road are a fine asphalted two-lane road, other parts are just nothing more than an unpaved cart track. Driving this route counts for many as a 'once in a lifetime experience'.

We ourselves have a huge passion for driving and have driven most routes in Argentina ourselves. Would you like to know our favorite routes in Argentina? Do you would like to drive a car in Argentina and having it organized by Sapa Pana Travel, making use our expertise and our strong and reliable network on site? Then contact us directly. We take your wishes as a starting point, we advise you based on our own expertise and together we design your ideal trip to Argentina.

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