Highlights Brazil

Brazil is mainly known for the swinging carnival, the lively cities and the colorful diversity of cultures. But the country has much more to offer.

  • Discover Brazil by car

    Discover Brazil by car

    Drive a great route along the coast, visit colonial sites or drive the unpaved part of the Transamazonica. Brazil is an excellent destination to discover by rental car. Read more

  • Rio, the wonderful city

    Rio, the wonderful city

    Everyone at our office loves this city. The sea and the mountains, the huge statue Christ the Redeemer and all the people. Rio de Janeiro is called 'Cidade Maravilhosa' for a reason. Read more

  • Beaches in paradise

    Beaches in paradise

    Stroll endlessly along the white sandy beaches, get to know the local people in small fishing villages and admire a characteristic landscape of lagoons, swamps, dunes and coral reefs. Brazil has plenty of beaches where you can end your trip. Read more

  • Colonial past

    Colonial past

    Brazil once was a colony of Portugal. You can notice this because Brazil is the only Latin-American country where Portuguese is spoken. Spread across the country you will find several impressive colonial cities that are definitely worth a visit because of the architecture and history. Read more

  • Spotting wildlife in the Pantanal

    Spotting wildlife in the Pantanal

    The Pantanal is one of the world's largest tropical wetland areas. Contrary to what most people think, the best place to observe wildlife is the Pantanal and not the Amazon. Read more

  • Cruise over the Amazon river

    Cruise over the Amazon river

    If we say Brazil, you say the Amazon. This area, which covers half of the country, is the largest tropical rainforest and the richest ecosystem in the world. This area is rich in special tree and plant species. Read more

  • The impressive waterfalls

    The impressive waterfalls

    On the border with Argentina you find one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in the world: The Iguaçu Falls. From the Brazilian side you can walk straight into the heart of the falls. The sound is deafening and the experience is unforgettable. Read more

  • São Paulo, the New York of South America

    São Paulo, the New York of South America

    São Paulo, the beating heart of the Brazilian and South American economy! Most travelers fly directly to other destinations in the country. However, for city lovers it is highly recommended to stay here a little longer. Read more

  • Off the beaten track

    Off the beaten track

    As Latin America specialist, we often visit Brazil and we always look for new and unique places and accommodations. Are you curious about what Brazil has to offer off the beaten track? Contact us and we will tell you all about it. Read more

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