With a 4 million km2 surface area, the Amazonian area covers half of Brazil’s territory. 

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The Amazon is the largest tropical rainforest and the richest ecosystem in the world.
This region has an extensive system of countless small and big rivers, the most famous being the second largest river in the world, the (eponymous) Amazon River. This river and its tributaries make up about 20 % (!) of the world’s fresh water supply. The tropical rainforest only makes up 7 % of the earth’s surface but it houses 60 % of all life forms. Two million species (6 out of 10 in the world) live in the water and/or here in the Amazonian area.  

Two special animal species, to be found in the Amazonian Rivers, are the Manatee and the Piracuru. The Manatee is a mammal that can grow to be 3 metres long and weigh 500 kilos. The Piracuru is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world that can grow to be two metres long and weigh 150 kilos.

The star of the flora is without at doubt the Vitóra Régia! The giant water lily that is known as the queen of the Amazon. She floats on the dark water and her roots grow from the bottom of the river. The thorns on the stalks protect the flower against fish. Its large, round leaf (with a diameter of over 1.8 metres) serves as a tray on which the flower can bloom.

The white Ucari and the Sauimde Coleira are species of trees that can only be seen in the Amazon. The most imposing trees are the Samaumeira and the Açazuzeio. Typical for the Samaumeira is that this tree is covered in huge roots that are safely rooted in the ground and climb upwards until they’re fused with the trunk. The Açazuzeiro tree can grow to have a diameter of over two metres. This tree is mostly used for the construction of floating houses.

The wealth of flora and fauna in the Amazonian area is of great importance to the Indians that live here. They use the trees to build things and they use the fish and the fruit as food and for the preparation of natural medicine.

Most Amazon lodges and cruises lie on or sail on the so-called black waters (wide rivers and large lakes). Here there aren’t many mosquitoes, but also less animals and birds... if you’re visiting the Amazon because of bird spotting, we believe you should rather consider visiting the Pantanal.

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