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Colombia, the country that is gaining more and more popularity. But where do you have to go then? During the Special Travels Fair 2019 in Amsterdam and Breda we held a presentation about those places you should not miss during a tour of Colombia. Curious? We've listed them again here.

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A must for every travel lover

Colombia is a must for every lover of nature, beautiful cities and colonial villages. Moreover, the population is known for its friendly and hospitable appearance. Not so long ago Colombia was only known in a negative way. Reports in the eighties and nineties were dominated by news about the drug cartels and the attacks of the left terrorist groups. In the last decade, however, the government has worked hard to create security, which has allowed the economy and tourism to flourish again. Today Colombia is one of the most beautiful and versatile countries in the world.

1. Medellín

Medellín is a vibrant city and if you have already seen some images, you will understand why we think that this city should not be missing during a trip through Colombia. Although in the 80's Medellín was still considered the centre of Narcotics and the city from where drug lord Pabo Escobar ran his empire, today it is a hip city that is in full development. For example, the city currently has an innovative public transport system that allows you to move around the city easily. One of the nicest neighbourhoods at the moment is Comuna 13. For years, this neighbourhood was one of the most notorious neighbourhoods of the city. Only in 2010 the government decided to do something about it and activities were organized that had to contribute in a positive way to the well-being of the people in the neighbourhood. For example, workshops in song, dance and street art were started. The latter can now be seen on almost every corner of the neighbourhood. Stroll along the various murals and enjoy street musicians and dancers along the way. Moreover, on many street corners you will find nice stalls where you can pamper your inner self with local delicacies.

2. Caribbean coast

A second place that we think cannot be missed when travelling in Colombia, is the Caribbean. Here you will find cities like Santa Marta, Barranquilla and the more famous colonial Cartagena de Indias. Actually all three cities that are worth a visit. Why? Well here you can enjoy the colonial squares, friendly people and the swinging Caribbean atmosphere. Traveling from Santa Marta further along the coast you will reach the Tayrona National Park. The snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada run into a green wilderness that connects to the azure blue Caribbean sea and idyllic beaches. An area with rich flora and fauna and where you will find good accommodations hidden in the green forest. In his blog Johan tells more about a visit to Tayrona.

3. Nuqui on the Pacific coast

The third place that is certainly worth a visit is the unknown village of Nuqui on the Pacific coast. From Medellín you fly in half an hour in a small plane to the coastal town. From a touristic point of view it is not so far developed here, but the peace and quiet and the deserted beaches situated on a dense jungle offer you everything you need. The best time to come here is between June and October, because that's when the humpbacks stay here. In those months it is already possible to see these special animals from your lodge. Especially for our magazine Magia Latina, which we developed last year because of our 15th anniversary, travel journalist Jurriaan Teulings wrote a nice article about his visit to Nuqui. Would you like to know more about this? You can find the article here.

So much more to see in Colombia

We wouldn't do Colombia justice if we said these are the three most beautiful places. As a Latin America specialist we know the country well and we can list so many more places that certainly cannot be missed during a tour of Colombia. Think for example:

  • the bustling city of Bogota;
  • the coffee triangle and the Cocora Valley;
  • the small colonial towns of Villa de Leyva and Barichada;
  • the undiscovered region of Huila;
  • and the endless grasslands of the Los Llanos region where you can discover the country life of Colombia.

Take a look at our highlights of Colombia for more inspiration.

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